BIH's SDN transmission network has successfully covered more than 30 domestic and international major cities, which can exert agilely response to user's business demands, and then the users can freely access any of the nearby PoP points or IDC of BIH, and have intranet interconnection on hybrid architecture achieved across the data center, and clouds, so as to realize rapid and smooth access

Internet Bandwidth

Network Delay

Use Scenario

1、BGP Access

BIH has built BGP network platforms in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and in light of its partners obtained overseas resources, with direct connection to a number of local front-line operators to address the difficulty in interconnection and interoperability on access across carriers for internet users.

2、SDN point-to-point dedicated line

SDN point-to-point dedicated line provides customers with secure and transparent two-layer transmission channels, enabling agile and reliable networking solutions for customers to build safe, reliable network architecture with self-definition capability.

3、SDN hybrid cloud access

Based on SDN transmission network of BIH, mainstream public cloud service providers (AWS, Ali Cloud, Tencent Cloud, etc.) are linked to provide customers with high-speed dedicated internet access between public cloud and their own IT environment or between different public clouds to allow them mixed architecture within the same city or across different areas.